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This site is a social network dedicated, above all, to those who work and are interested in photography with fetish subjects. We are happy to host photographers, models and fans of alternative fetish photography, including images of tattooed and pierced people. Ads and personal portfolios, events as well as fans groups are granted by a very low membership price with a very high quality return. Ejoy the site, wellcome!!

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This site isn't a sexual oriented site and doesn't contain erotic or pornographic images though there are plenty of nude and fetish images of male and female (and intersex) models. If you aren't in the legal age of your Country we don't recommend to access this site and if you do it whatever is under your own choice and responsibility and under your parents' responsibility.

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This site contains images of nude people, people dressed and acting (in some cases) in a sexy way, people engaged (in some cases) in fetish and kinky activities referred to as bondage (western and shibari or kinbaku bondage) and/or BDSM activities. If you are disturbed by this kind of images you could be very unconfortable with the contents of this site and you'd better not enter.

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