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The EU Alt Fetish Models WebStudio

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Site News
Call for beta tester  This site is a "beta test" version of the whole project and we love to test it with you. If you would be a beta tester write us at admin for more info about duties and gains in being an EU-AFMs beta tester.


Picking up your photos as featured Yes, we have our own tastes and some of your photos can be featured by the staff. Happy about it? We hope yes but ... what about privacy? If your profile is private or your photo album is private (or "members/friends-only-allowed") or your photo is private (or "members/friends-only-allowed") your photo will be replaced whit a bad | in thumbnails depending who is viewing it. Not so nice, do you agree? So to have a chance to have a photo featured keep calm and let you profile as public and your album and photo(s) as public. Otherwise we cannot feature your beatiful work, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!



Ok, it's a website, you got it. The question is: what kind of website is this? It's a website where real alternative fetish models, photographers and fans can meet and enjoy, work, hangout, chat and contact one another for jobs, projects, events, shootings, workshops and a cup of coffee.

Now you would say: "ok guys, another photo-alt-sex-playboy-looking site devoted to alt-tattooed-pierced models! Why are you doing this? Aren't there plenty of such sites spread over the world-wide-infinite-web?"

We are doing it because it isn't such: alt fetish models are a "little bit different" from tattooed models.

Do you know what fetish is? Chains and collars? Handcuffs? Rope bondage? High heels? Latex suites? Heavy rubber masks? Underground dirty sex? Whips? Tricks AND treats? Yes, you got the point: fetish is this. But more than this is the sexual attitude to the stranger things you may think.

C'mon, dress up as a schoolmate, as a military officer, as a police girl and do fetish shootings! Here you have places and spaces to post your photos and your ads, upgrade your personal blog, join people and projects, find users locations and props for your ideas and to improve your skills, your portfolio, your kinky attitudes.



Create your event and share it!


Your events are important!!

Let people know what you are organizing, where and when. Share event information, prices, guidelines, benefitis and description; make people informed about your tours, modelsharings, workshops, shows, performances, tournées.

Keep in touch with participants for the "last minute" infos, to reply their questions about the event, to chat and improve the attention about your event, to post photos and videos about your past events.

None membership is required to see events: everyone can see and know about your events


Membership required to create events
Graduate contributors
PhD Contributors





Photographing and posing are passions but also works. Explore the ads to see if anyone is looking for you, add some ads to let you find. Projects arise, grow and succeed by collaboration; collaborations arise from the connections between people. Do good business among you and then, please, let us view what you have created.


Monthly set March 2018

To view the whole set: March 2018 - Aiko

Monthly Set February 2018

To view the whole set: February 2018 - Little Ely

Public Groups
Questo e' il gruppo dei Fan di Aiko. Benvenuti, vi aspetto per chattare, ascoltare musica, guardare foto e parlare di fetish art :-) !
2 fans
Genova, Italy
08.03.2018 · From Aiko
Hi my friends, how are you? You know people like to "like" you. People love to chat with you and meet you. Let's go and create your own "Fans Group", use it to keep in touch with your fans outside your personal profile wall, create group events and be sure your fan know that you are doing and where.…
2 fans
Milan, Italy
13.01.2018 · From admin
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